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People in Need (PIN) has been operating continuously in Transnistrian region since 2003, with projects focused on promoting critical thinking and supporting local civil society organisations. From 2009 onwards, PIN has added development programmes to its work in Moldova, building a vision and practices that keep people and communities at the centre of our work.

Throughout its presence in the country, PIN has been contributing to the development of four sectors:

  • Sustainable Livelihood and Environment
  • Social Inclusion and Protection
  • Good Governance
  • Support to Civil Society in Transnistrian Region.

The role of PIN team is to support people and get involved where it is needed the most, that’s why our efforts are focused on several target groups.


Massive migration of people is a crucial problem for the Republic of Moldova and regards mostly the young generations. Focusing on them, establishing a valuable alternative to migration and creating the conditions for them to stay in the country, is necessary to achieve a tangible impact in the country’s development.

Emerging entrepreneurs

Poverty is the core problem that prevents socio-economic development in the country. Emerging entrepreneurs can play a key role in reversing this trend, but they lack confidence in the business sector and the necessary skills to run profitable activities. Therefore, PIN supports and facilitates them in setting up and developing their businesses.

Organic farmers and those in conversion

Agriculture is the main economic sector in the country. On the one hand, promoting organic agriculture contributes to sustainable use of natural resources, and on the other hand, it is a profitable business opportunity thanks to the proximity to the fast-growing European organic market.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities, as well as other vulnerable groups, suffer from social discrimination and exclusion due to lack of necessary social services and widespread bias. Eradication and prevention of such discriminations will ensure all individuals are included in society, can live a dignified life and have access to services and opportunities.

Civic activists and grassroots initiatives

PIN believes that genuine civil society actors are mission and values-driven, engaged with and accountable to citizens, actively involved in policy dialogue and focused on bringing about real change. By supporting these actors, we enable them to take different paths in their development and reach their full potential.

Local Public Administrations

Local Public Administrations are strategic partners for PIN, representing a direct entry point for encouraging efficient and proactive involvement of the public sector in solving priority problems.

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