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Report on Feeding Experiment Project: Modernization, Innovation and Use of Knowledge for the Moldovan Dairy Sector (MILK)

People in Need Moldova

Moldovan farmers (small and medium) have the potential to develop and expand their milk production. The country offers a good climate for high producing dairy cows in the highlands since there is...

Case Study of Child-Friendly CFRM

PIN Moldova

Study on indebtedness of the most vulnerable households in Moldova, in the context of energy crisis

Veaceslav Ioniță

This research had the goal to study and assess the factors affecting the growth of loans took by population, caused by the effects of the 2022 energy crisis and how these factors affect the medium-...

Rapid needs assessment

The following report outlines the main findings of the rapid needs and market assessment that PIN conducted at the turn of May and June in 11 localities in six raions of Southern Moldova,...

VOICES FROM CIVIL SOCIETY: The Needs, Perspectives, and Challenges of the Eastern Partnership Program

Anna Zamejc

Since its inception in 2009, the Eastern Partnership initiative has offered an important roadmap for reform and closer integration with the European Union (EU) for six of its eastern neighbors:...

MOLDOVA Civil Society Report

Tomas Komm, Elena Terzi, Anna Zamejc, People in Need

This assessment has been produced within the scope of the European Union (EU)- funded project “Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in the South Caucasus and Moldova”, implemented...