Sharing winter warmth with more than 500 Ukrainian and Moldovan children

Published: Jan 22, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes
Sharing winter warmth with more than 500 Ukrainian and Moldovan children
© Photo: Dmitrii Vosimeric
Winter is a difficult time for both Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable families in Moldova. People on low incomes face many challenges, including high bills and a lack of warm clothing. The problem is even worse for families with children.

To help the most vulnerable in these groups, our team at People in Need Moldova launched the #IarnaDaruimCaldura (#InWinterWeShareWarmth) campaign on the eve of the winter holidays. The campaign saw more than 500 Ukrainian and Moldovan children start the New Year with new clothes and shoes.

The #IarnaDaruimCaldura campaign covered eight localities in different regions of Moldova. The 513 children, together with their parents, had the opportunity to choose clothes and shoes in several shopping centres in Chisinau. It was delightful to see that the children could hardly contain their excitement near the changing rooms, eager to try on their new clothes. Meanwhile, their parents were happy, already sure that their children would not freeze this winter.

"I would like to thank People in Need for giving me the opportunity to dress my two children. It is a great support for us. Now I have peace of mind for them, knowing that they will be warm this winter," said Irina from Odesa.

"We came to Moldova from a region (in Ukraine) where there is fighting. We can't go back home. I'm here alone with two children and a retired mother. This programme is a great help for us. Thank you very much," Iulia.

"This campaign was funded by our donor, the European Union; it helps Ukrainian and Moldovan children between the ages of 6 and 17 who come from socially vulnerable families. Through this campaign—carried out in consortium with NRC and ACTED—we prepared the children for school during the coldest period of the year," said Luciana BOLLATI, Head of Programmes.

Thanks to People in Need Moldova's vulnerable families programme, the children were able to complete their wardrobes with all the necessary winter clothes: a jacket, a hat, a scarf, gloves, a jumper, trousers, warm socks and, of course, winter shoes. The financial support of up to 3900 lei (€200) per child covered all the costs directly. As most of the beneficiaries have very modest means, many have told us that our support has been a real 'lifeline' as temperatures drop well below freezing. Moreover, several noted that without this campaign, their children would have no chance of getting new clothes this winter.

"I am very grateful to People in Need for this support. This is our second year working in Moldova. Most of our wages are spent on utilities and rent, and the children have to wear old clothes. So it's a great help for us. Thank you very much; we wish your organisation success, prosperity, and peace for all of us," said Larisa from Ukraine.

The European Union funds the programme as a multi-sectoral humanitarian response to Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable Moldovan households in Moldova through the ECHO PLACE project.

Autor: Dmitrii Vosimeric, Communication assistant

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