Developing PLACE with EU Support: Providing Vital Psychosocial Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

Published: Jun 10, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes
Developing PLACE with EU Support: Providing Vital Psychosocial Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova
© Photo: Dmitrii Vosimeric
Psychosocial support is often more important than quantifiable help for a person in need. This kind of support is also vital for those fleeing war and seeking refuge in our country. Thanks to funding from the European Union, refugee children and adults from Ukraine are receiving comprehensive support in Moldova. As part of the PLACE project, refugees can receive material aid as well as psychosocial support tailored to their needs.

Through its local partners, People in Need Moldova is working to provide the necessary assistance to these people in different regions of the country. One of the organizations supported by PIN is "Aripi de Viata" ("Wings of Life"), which operates in the north of the republic, in the town of Edinet. The activities organized by "Wings of Life" help refugees regain their emotional balance and integrate more easily into the host community.

”Our center was opened thanks to the support provided by People in Need within the PLACE project. Our target group is women and children, as they are the most vulnerable members of society. We strive to support women in Ukraine, who usually come with their children. We intensively organize activities for women - individual and group psychological meetings. Support from People in Need, within the PLACE project, is vital for us, because they are our main donors and thanks to this support we can organize all our activities”, says Victoria STAROSELTEVA, director of "Wings of Life".

Two years ago, Alina and her two children fled the war and settled temporarily in Edinet. Thanks to the timely assistance provided by the PLACE project, she has regained her self-confidence and has become an inspiration to others.

”When you get here and your circle of acquaintances is limited, you are stressed and you can't enjoy anything. Such meetings help you not to feel lonely, they help you to communicate with other women. Here you can hear different stories, get advice, and even become a help or an inspiration for others. I go to this center because they organize different activities, including language learning, which is very useful. This way we increase our IQ and become masters of our lives. We can communicate in Romanian and English, which is quite important. At the same time, we have different activities for women such as handicrafts, psychological sessions, excursions...”, says Alina TITARENCO, a refugee from Ukraine.
The PLACE project aims to provide a safe space for all and is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union through the EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid, as a multi-sectoral humanitarian response in support of Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable households in the Republic of Moldova, developed by People in Need Moldova, in consortium with Acted Moldova and NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council.
Autor: Dmitrii Vosimeric, Communication Officer

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