Grant programme for NGOs in the Republic of Moldova

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Grant programme for NGOs in the Republic of Moldova
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Brief description of PIN's support:

The financial support under this call is issued by the SOS-Ukraine fund (Ukraine Emergency Appeal Fund), which was launched by People in Need (PIN) in February 2022 in the Czech Republic to raise funds to support Ukraine from Czech citizens and companies.

The fund has become PIN’s instrument to support local civil society organizations that provide vital assistance, social services and tackle existing challenges of refugees, migrants to refugees and vulnerable population in Moldova. In order to achieve the goal of the program, PIN will select projects of civil society actors via an open call for proposals.


After over two years of displacement, the refugees from Ukraine are at risk of poverty, with insufficient social protection measures compounding existing barriers to socioeconomic inclusion some groups with potential vulnerabilities have been overlooked mainly because they are not specified as target groups in national social protection systems and because of a lack of systematic and comprehensive procedures to identify people with specific needs at the early stages of their registration in the host country. The support available from the State and international development actors for refugees from Ukraine and other countries residing in Republic of Moldova is insufficient to cover their basic needs of the beneficiaries.

Areas of implementation

Whole Republic of Moldova

Your organisation can apply to one Lot at a time:
  • Lot 1. Social Cohesion. Activities may be aimed at: fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding among Ukrainian refugees and local communities through community events that will actively involve isolated and marginalized individuals from disadvantaged groups ; conducting advocacy campaigns (e.g. an advocacy paper, advocacy initiatives, etc.) for highlighting the Existing Gaps in Social Inclusion of the refugees and/or other vulnerable groups in Moldova.
  • Lot 2. Social and Protection Services. Activities may include mobile units of social workers/ psychologists for organizing community events; conducting case identification and referrals, providing Individual Protection Assistance; information dissemination on rights, available services and/or service helplines; any other protection activities facilitating access to social services and promoting social inclusion of disadvantage group.
Expected duration of the project:
  • Up to 6 months
  • Possible start date: 1st of June 2024
  • End date: 31st of December 2024
Your project should target:
  • At least 150 of unique direct beneficiaries per project - 50% of people with vulnerabilities from Moldova and 50% of Ukrainian refugees
  • At least one of the following groups of people: Persons with disabilities; elderly; adolescents; children; Roma population; other vulnerable groups of population identified by your organisation
Two types of grants are available:
  • Small grant 1,000 – 5,000 Euro
  • Medium grant 15,000 – 25,000 Euro

The grant will be provided based on the decision of PIN’s Evaluation Commitee (see Criteria for Applications Evaluation). To increase your chances to get a grant, PIN encourages the organisations to submit realistic and well-thought proposals. The number of the grants is limited.

Criteria for Applications Evaluation:

As per PIN’s Application Evaluation procedures, each applicant will receive points based on the package of submitted documents and compliance with the specified criterion. Every applicant can get a maximum of 135 Points. The applicants with the highest scores will receive grant support.

The applicant demonstrates understanding of the context, needs and problems of the vulnerable groups in target communities, project-related risks.

Max. 20 points

The applicant has experience in supporting socially vulnerable groups, especially displaced persons and refugees.

Max. 20 points

The applicant has proved experience of work in one or all spheres: provision of social services to vulnerable population, refugees, etc.; provision of protection services to vulnerable population, refugees, etc.; community work for resilience and/or social cohesion; advocacy.

Max. 20 points

The applicant submitted financial documents proving high quality financial management (e.g. reports to donors, documents provided to FISC and Statistica).

Max. 15 points

Duration and overall sustainability of the proposed project

Max. 15 points

The operational capacity of the applicant is adequate for the proposed project (e.g. number of staff, volunteers, transport should be sufficient for implementation, reporting, etc.).

Max. 15 points

The applicant demonstrates engagement with the target community/ies adequate for the proposed project (e.g. the applicant may provide memoranda of understanding with relevant stakeholders, letter of support and recommendation/ support letter from local authorities or civil society actors).

Max. 10 points

Previous performance of the applicant with PIN (will be assessed based on quality of narrative and financial statements, compliance with the main PIN policies).

Max. 10 points

Demonstrated willingness to devote significant time and energy to the development of the initiative/organization/campaign in the next 6 months.

Max. 10 points

Dates and Timeline:
  • Opening of the competition: 8th May 2024
  • Info session: 15th May 2024 at 2 pm, meeting will last for one hour and half, link for the meeting:,%22Oid%22:%22cf310070-e3b8-40ba-ac03-ca3ba7bfc88b%22%7D
  • Application deadline: 21st May 2024 COB
  • Announcement of results: before 8th June 2024
Application Process:
  • Prepare the required documents:

1) Annex_1_PIN_SOS_grants_Application Form (docx);

2) Annex_2_PIN_SOS_grants_Budget Form (excel);

3) Documents confirming your engagement with target communities (e.g. MoUs with local authorities; letters of support from authorities, partners and/or donors); It is strongly advised to submit Annex 1 and Annext 2 in Romanian and English.

  • Send the full package to the e-mail address before 21st May 2024 COB:
  • All applicants will receive the final decision from PIN on the grants allocation by 8th June 2024
PIN’s obligations towards grantees:
  • PIN will provide grants for local organizations;
  • PIN will organise information session before the application deadline and provide required templates for application;
  • Successful grantees will receive necessary training and implementation support to enable delivery of assistance in line with humanitarian standards and protection principles;
  • PIN will also request from partner to provide beneficiaries and other stakeholders with clear information on Complaints, Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM);
  • To enable required quality reporting PIN will establish coordination meetings and provide partners with all templates for reporting.
Grantees’ obligations towards PIN:
  • Successful grantees will need to go through PIN’s capacity-building programme to ensure the adherence to the UN cluster’s standards and PIN policies, especially for PIN’s Code of Conduct, procurement and MEAL;
  • PIN’s new grantees (those who have not received grants from PIN before) will need to go through E-PAT (Emergency Partner Assessment Processes) before receiving the grant;
  • Successful grantees will have to adhere to financial and narrative reporting requirements stated in the contract.
Accountability and Feedback Mechanism for partners

The accountability mechanism can be used for all matters under the direct influence of PIN, namely: humanitarian principles and standards that PIN adheres to, PIN's approach to working with partners, Code of Conduct and PIN's key policies.

All complaints, suggestions and feedback must be sent through the following communication channels:

  • Free hotline number: 0 800 000 09
Autor: PIN Moldova

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